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We are Judy and Bobby Fox. We have a small farm located in Jonesborough Tennessee....Foxfire Farm. We are just getting started with goats. We started out with two pygmy goats that our friends Bill and Wanalynn Chapman gave us. My mama had just passed away when we got them, so I focused my attention on these two little kids which helped me with the grief of losing my mom. That's when the love affair started.They were so loving and always doing something funny. I started out walking them on a leash, in a few days a leash wasn't necessary, they just followed me around like little puppies. Their names are Tater and Fronie, which were nicknames of my daddy and mama. As the fondness grew for these two, we decided to get two more, which were as funny and loving as the first two. Then we saw the blue eyed nigerian dwarf goats on the internet. We drove to Florida to get our first four blue eyed baby girls. We bottle fed these babies which made the attachment to us unreal. They are loving when we sit down, they get in our laps and lay down. We loved these little blue eyed babies so much we made another trip to Florida to get more. We now have fourteen in all. We get out and go walking in the woods with all fourteen goats following us picking leaves on the way. If we get ahead of them, they come running to catch up. They are so much fun to be with that I spend most of my free time with the goats. Now some of our little ones are expecting their first babies in November and December. A lot of people think of goats as dirty and nasty animals, but these will change the way you look at goats. They are clean, loving, funny, and very intelligent animals.

                                                                                                  Judy Fox


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